WordPress Experiments

WordPress Experiments

I’ve been a WordPress user for years. At first, it was just me and my WP.com free hosted blog.  Lately though, with my designs on developing a portfolio, as well as my desire to experiment with WP for things like course delivery (e.g. using an LMS plugin), I need to go beyond the free.

I wanted a bit of freedom, so I decided to go with an outside WP hosting service that would handle security while I got to do everything else.  I chose LightningBase.  They have reasonable plans and I haven’t had any security issues that I’m aware of (except for my inability to keep track of my two-factor authentication creds… but that’s not on them!)

My plan was to use that hosted site for my portfolio. That’s still my plan. But, I’m still enjoying the experimentation and my blog isn’t public yet.  In fact, it is not ready for prime-time at all. I will, eventually use it for portfolio work.  Hopefully before the next decade arrives.  🙂

In the meantime, I thought I’d go ahead and go with a WP.com hosted premium plan. That would give me more options than the free plan – like uploading audio/video content and having access to premium themes – while also giving me a chance to get a blog up and running more quickly so I could have my porfolio.  HA. HA.    That blog is still ‘in-the-works’ and is not public – although it soon will be.

The challenge was, for that blog, more about content.  I want to show off some work, but I also like to ‘learn-out-loud’ and I want to encourage some collaboration and I want to do the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff.   That’s a lot for one blog, I think.  So, I decided to split the content across two blogs: one for the collaboration and portfolio with a touch of in-progress work to encourage collaboration; one for the behind-the-scenes, reflecting aloud on my experiments and my learning blog.

That leads me to this blog. It will be my behind-the-scenes space for learning-out-loud. Currently it is on the WP.com free plan and We’ll see if I can live with that or, if my audio/video wishes will have me upgrading.


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