Content Conversion Guide

Content Conversion Guide


I’ve only been using Articulate products for about 3 months… There’s a lot to learn and I spend quite a bit of time at eLearning Heroes to get an idea of what is possible with the entire suite of tools.   Recently, Allison LaMotte posted an Interactive Training Schedule template to demonstrate the new table feature in Storyline 360.  Her example got me thinking about how I might use tables and layers for a resource guide.  The in-progress result is what you see at right.

I tinkered around and I still have quite a bit of work to go, but I’ve decided it should be included as one of my projects.  I’m testing out quite a few items. For example, based on my experiences with new online faculty, I think this could be a useful resource, but concept testing is always important (hence putting it on the blog for all to see/comment on!)  Then, of course, there’s the testing of the connection between my AWS S3 account and my blog.  Finally, I’m also checking out things such as how Storyline displays when placed in my blog like this.  So much to learn…  I love this stuff!

Please, feel free to comment on any/all of those things.


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