Engagement & Game Design

Engagement & Game Design

Lately, I’ve been exploring Interactive Fiction (IF) as a possible eLearning game format and branching scenario planner. For those of us who love to read and don’t feel competent with visual design, the primarily text-based environment of much IF is quite appealing. Plus, I’m interested in developing my storyboarding techniques for branching scenarios and several IF tools (e.g. Twine) will be great for that.

I could go on, but my post today is really more about an interesting article I found while researching: Instructional Designers Take All the Fun Out of Games: Rethinking Elements of Engagement for Designing Instructional Games (PDF Download Available)

In a later post, I’ll summarize the key points.  In the interim, enjoy the cartoon I created to highlight one of the ideas in the article.  🙂




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