First Experience with Captivate

First Experience with Captivate

Well, maybe not the first experience… I may have tried it out back before Adobe bought Macromedia.  It may have been named Robo-something or maybe it was already called Captivate. Then, I think I tried it again when it was Captivate 3? 4? in 2008. Basically, it was almost a decade ago the last time I tinkered with it. So, I think I can safely consider myself a new user.

I am using the trial version as it is a bit pricey to purchase without first testing it out.

On a side note, I do have an Articulate 360 subscription and have been experimenting with that for a bit, so my first experiences with Captivate are going to be influenced by those experiences.

Upon first opening the Captivate 2017, I was confronted with a slightly confusing interface, followed by more confusion related to the layouts of items on a page.  Maybe it is the whole “fluid box” thing which reminds me of <div> tags in HTML.

At this point, I must say that I’m reminded of the Word versus WordPerfect (and Mac v. PC for that matter) debates.  Some folks loved WordPerfect and found Word confusing; others had the opposite response. Some love Mac and find PCs confusing; others feel the opposite.  I enjoyed Word & WordPerfect and I work daily on a Mac and a PC… but, I may be one of those who finds Articulate more intuitive than Captivate.

I haven’t gotten far. I do think that the interface may seem more confusing because there may be more opportunities for fine-tuning the output of desktop, tablet, and mobile layouts and more opportunities for coding & variables…   I’ll keep at it.



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