IF / Twine Take 2

IF / Twine Take 2

In my previous Twine post, you probably saw the error messages regarding inventory items. That has not been fixed.  I decided to concentrate on some more basics before tackling the inventory monster.

I am not retreating. I’m strategically moving in a new direction.  

I always wish online courses used more audio (not more video with talking heads – more audio) so I’ll be focusing my efforts on getting the audio playback to behave appropriately.  In my current game version, it doesn’t stop when you change scenes and I wanted to fix that.  Fortunately, there’s a nice wiki article devoted to Twine-Sugarcube audio.

The opening scene is simply an “audio challenge” to create a new online course.  I want that to stop playing when the learner goes to his/her own office.  Apparently, it is a simple matter of <>  But, when I add that and then code to automatically take learner to directions page – well, it just skips the audio and goes straight to the directions.

So, I’m switching gears for a minute.  I’ll add some timed text using the ‘timed’ macro so there’s nothing to click on until the audio ends.  I’m not sure that’s user-friendly, but it gives me an opportunity to practice with that macro.

If you want, take a minute and check out my latest revision.  And, you can compare it to my previous version if you want.  Then, tell me what you think.  🙂

Yes, I know my audio voices could use some work.  They’re just test files, but I will need to get someone to help me with voice work.  Changing pitch  using Audacity can only get me so far…at least at my skill level!.





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