Snapchat Microlearning Challenge

I confess. I have never snapchatted…er…snapped a chat…uh…chatsnapped?  Anyway, never done it.  I had heard about it only because I asked a store clerk what the little “yellow-ghosty symbol” meant.  She looked at me as if I had been born on some other planet.  🙂  That’s ok.  I can learn.

So, the whole “snapchat” thing has been in my head and then, recently, I read Learning in Bursts: Microlearning with Social Media (EDUCAUSE Review) and Snapchat and Microlearning are changing the eLearning landscape (Wisetail Blog).    Of course, that made me think, “ah, here’s my excuse to download and learn Snapchat and experiment with microlearning, too!”

Now, it just so happens that I’m gearing up to teach the first course in an instructional designer certificate program.  I think it would be great to ask any of the folks in that course if they want to experiment with me on using Snapchat for microlearning!  Along the way, I think we’ll pick up some valuable Snapchat skills <grin> and microlearning knowledge and skills.

My plan is:

  • Post this blog
  • Point to this blog from a post in the ID course asking for collaborators
  • Set up a Dropbox Paper area for us to begin work… Microlearning & Snapchat
  • Send out positive thoughts to the universe that one or two (or more!) folks would like to play!

I have no idea how this will turn out, but I really like the idea of collaborating on projects to learn and grow.  If you’re interested, join me. You don’t have to be one of the folks in the ID course to play along.


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