Captivate 2017 Quiz

Captivate 2017 Quiz

As I mentioned previously, I’m quite new to Adobe Captivate. So, it will come as no surprise that my first attempt at creating a quiz with Captivate has resulted in a less than optimal outcome.


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I am still trying to get comfortable with the interface so, overall, things are taking me longer to accomplish in Captivate than they did with Articulate Quizmaker. And, I wasn’t able to accomplish as much with my first attempt in Captivate as I did with my first Articulate quiz attempt.

First, I didn’t even attempt to add any particular slide design.  The built-in themes are less than eye-catching (to me, anyway). Plus, when you don’t understand fluid boxes, trying to edit them leads to poor results.   I could have used the free assets, but since any work I do won’t be accessible beyond my trial period, I opted to forego getting fancy.

Next, I stayed with the basic feedback for correct/incorrect responses. I couldn’t figure out easily how to change the feedback.  In Articulate Quizmaker, editing feedback using the template was quite easy for a beginner. Not so with this tool.  It wouldn’t be so bad, except the built-in feedback in Captivate is… beyond awful.

On a more positive note, I enjoyed being able to select to add X number of each type of question (e.g. 3 multiple choice, 2 true/false, etc.)  and then go in and edit those one by one.  And, editing how much each question was worth seemed more intuitive.  Plus, from my limited experience creating quizzes with both tools, it seems like I have a wider range of options for what to do with correct and incorrect options for each question in Captivate.   Finally, I was able to add audio feedback fairly easily and the audio editing tool did seem more intuitive than the tool in Articulate.

My intuition continues to tell me that I’m having more challenges with Adobe Captivate than with Articulate Quizmaker because there are more options with Captivate.  I don’t know that because I’ve got limited experience…but it feels that way from my newbie perspective.  I’ll keep working on it.




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