Final Captivate 2017 Test

Final Captivate 2017 Test

My trial period is almost over.  Normally, I pick up tools new tech really quickly, but the trial period for this tool simply wasn’t enough time. So, I’ll have to put it away for now. I’m sure that the ton of features make this a powerful tool, but it also means there is a bit of a steeper learning curve.    I think if I had devoted more time to this one tool during the trial, my results would have been better. But, I really can’t take a break from all my other responsibilities to spend all my time with one tool – and I suspect most others can’t either.

Anyway, here’s the results of my last test. I did partially learn what I set out to learn. Specifically, I worked with Object Style Manager and I learned where to change the crazy default quiz responses.  That being said, I still failed to change the responses. This is due, I’m sure, to my lack of understanding about the theme & slide masters.

So, settle back, grab some popcorn and watch my crazy attempts and result!


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