Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator

Ok. It might look silly, but a lot went into this little animation!


To complete the above, I had to draw the face bits in Photoshop, import the PSD file to Character Animator, record it, export the recording to Media Encoder and upload here to the blog.  That was my afternoon – about 2.5 hours.

Fortunately, the Character Animator folks put together some great tutorials!  From the intro animation walk thru (too much fun!!) to the tutorials, you’ll be in great hands if you decide to try this program.  I started with Building Your Own Animated Face to get the gist of things.  (Note – any defects in my animation are the result of my shortcomings… Okay Samurai, who created the tutorial, did a fantastic job.) 

My favorite bit has to be the link that gets connected between your web cam and the movements of the animation!  SERIOUSLY COOL!   Also – the mouth syncs to what you’re saying in the microphone. WOW.

What did I learn from this quick experiment?  Primarily – that each part you want to move has to be on a separate layer in Photoshop…  There was a lot going on behind the scenes – the rigging bits in Character Animator – that I will have to learn.  But, for a first attempt, I’m feeling pretty good.

Where am I hoping to go with this?  I’d like to create my own animated character to include in my Articulate Training so it will be a little more fun and unique.  Look for future posts in which I experiment with that very thing!


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