Illustrator & Visual Communication

Illustrator & Visual Communication

I test out new tools for one of three reasons:

  1. I see some new tech that grabs my attention.
  2. A tool is trending in faculty or instructional designer circles.
  3. I take a class to improve my instructional design skills and the assignments require me to learn some new tool.

Currently, one of the tools I’m trying out is Adobe Illustrator CC 2017.   I did purchase a subscription to Adobe CC because it is high on the must-have skill set for many ID jobs.   But, it wasn’t until I signed up for a class about designing infographics that I tried out the tool. The class had assignments using it.  So, here I am… practicing with a tool that scares me because it taps into one of my weak areas (visual arts!).

On the plus side, infographics often use graphs and charts and other geometric shapes.  I think I can handle that.  🙂   And, Illustrator CC has some cool features that help me create some decent graphics for those infographics.   In fact, some of the features make me feel almost artsy.   One such feature is the live color edit.   Here it is in action (after a bit of intro):

I have a long way to go to get proficient with this tool. Fortunately, Adobe has some great resources to help me out. Between those resources and those visual communication classes I keep taking, I should have ample opportunities to learn this tool.


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