Amazon Polly Meets WordPress

Amazon Polly Meets WordPress


In my continuing experiments with Amazon Web Services, I decided to try using Polly with my still not-fit-for-public WordPress site.

Thankfully, I love geeking out with tech because these little experiments are never as easy as you think they’re going to be!

Briefly,  I struggled with IAM, mangled JSON policy, and got a bit miffed with WP developers who don’t seem to agree on where to put the darn admin settings for various plugins!!  Once that was all sorted, things seemed to go fairly smoothly.  Of course, this is actually my first blog post to test everything out…

I haven’t decided on what voice I want to use.  I know there’s research about this and I’ll definitely be reading up on that.  In the interim, let me know what you think of the voice I currently have Polly set to for this blog. It is Matthew. Do you like it? Is it disconcerting to hear a male voice when the writer is female? Does it matter? So many questions…

Ok. That’s it for this test.





Your Thoughts?

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